Corporate And Commercial Law

Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy has specialized in the field of Corporate Law through its extensive work in this area.

Corporate And Commercial Law
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Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy has a strong focus on Commercial and Corporate Law, with a significant portion of our client base consisting of capital companies and other corporate structures. We have gained expertise in this area through our extensive work in this field.

We provide legal support to both domestic and foreign companies at every stage of their development, from establishment to exit and liquidation, and offer continuous consulting services. Recognizing the importance of our clients' commercial and economic goals, we work to eliminate legal and administrative barriers to achieving these goals and ensure that they are compliant with the law.

Some of the continuous legal consulting services we offer to companies include: preparing internal legal regulations, participating in mediation negotiations, making notices, warnings, and other notary notifications, providing oral and/or written legal consultation services, legally organizing legal correspondence with public institutions and participating in meetings with these institutions as necessary, following the ordinary legal procedures of cases and providing updates on Turkish court proceedings, reviewing, evaluating, and revising contracts from a legal perspective and preparing new contracts as needed, and regularly informing clients about current legislative changes in the sectors in which they operate.

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