Labor And Social Security Law

We provide preventive legal consulting services of a nature that will prevent loss of rights by the parties before and after the occurrence of disputes.

Labor And Social Security Law
Erdi Tırpan - İş ve Sosyal Güvenlik Hukuku
As every stage of disputes arising from the employee-employer relationship; We provide preventive legal consultancy services that will prevent the loss of rights of the parties before the disputes arise.

In the context of employee-employer relations, we offer preventive legal consulting services to prevent the loss of rights for either party before disputes arise. We also provide practical labor law training for the human resources departments of companies and institutions, helping to establish the necessary legal infrastructure for these departments through information and guidance on procedures to be followed before and after employment and the documents to be kept in personnel files.

If a dispute does arise between the parties, we offer services for litigation and dispute resolution. We thoroughly examine and evaluate the dispute from various angles before or during the legal process, providing necessary information on potential decisions to be made at the conclusion of the lawsuit.

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