Real Estate And Lease Law

We conduct lawsuits for cancellation of registration, dissolution of partnership, and eviction, and prepare contracts in the field of real estate and leasing.

Real Estate And Lease Law
Erdi Tırpan - Gayrimenkul ve Kira Hukuku
Real estate and tenancy law are integral aspects of society that touch the lives of many individuals.

As Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy, we offer a range of services in these fields, including handling disputes related to title deed cancellation, registration, partnership dissolution, and eviction. We also assist with the preparation of real estate and rental contracts. In real estate law, our services encompass cases involving the determination of rights, prevention of acquisition, condominium ownership issues, follow-up on dues, pre-purchase matters, rights of way, and construction contracts for flats. We also handle cases related to title deed correction and registration, cadastral disputes, and expropriation proceedings. In the field of tenancy law, we primarily deal with rent determination cases, eviction proceedings, and the preparation of lease contracts, as well as cases involving a right to lien due to breach of a lease agreement.

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