Who Are We?

Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy, which is settled in Bursa offers legal services in Turkish and English that meet international standards, particularly in Bursa and Istanbul, as well as throughout Turkey. With its experienced and dynamic team, Erdi Tırpan Law & Consulting believes that the rights and interests of its clients should not only be protected through reparative law, but also through preventive law. Therefore, the firm closely follows current developments in the legal and financial world and is always at the side of its clients whenever they need it.

Erdi Tırpan Law & Counsultancy

Areas Of Actıvıty

Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy aims to provide a trusting and labor-based relationship with its clients, seeking to achieve long-term collaboration. The firm is dedicated to working with all its might to continue this partnership in all of the following legal fields and is constantly striving to improve itself every day.


The existence of a nation, as a state, without an independent justice power is unacceptable.

M. Kemal Atatürk

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