Law Of Contracts

We provide services in drafting, reviewing, offering legal opinions, risk analysis, and participating in contract negotiation processes.

Law Of Contracts
Erdi Tırpan - Sözleşme Hukuku
As Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy, we prioritize preventive law and strive to provide effective solutions for eliminating potential legal risks that may lead to disputes and hinder our clients' commercial endeavors.

To ensure that our clients, especially those operating in various sectors, remain in compliance with the legislation applicable to their businesses, we first identify potential legal risks on a general and sectoral basis, then work to eliminate or minimize these risks, and finally, establish internal control mechanisms to audit these risks.

Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the preparation, creation, negotiation, review, and revision of a wide range of contracts, including consultancy, investment, tender, build-operate-transfer, ordinary partnership, fiduciary assignment, de facto division and sharing contracts, as well as contracts related to leasing, software, exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, franchises, confidentiality, dealership, distribution, supply, sales, purchasing, and various goods and services.


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