It Law And Protection Of Personal Data

Our team of personal data and processing activity within your company is controlled and made compliant with relevant legislation.

It Law And Protection Of Personal Data
Erdi Tırpan - Bilişim Hukuku ve KVKK
As Erdi Tırpan Law & Consultancy, our team ensures that personal data and data processing activities within your company adhere to relevant legislation governing data protection and privacy.

As part of this compliance program, we conduct interviews with each unit within your organization that processes or may process personal data and identify individuals involved in data processing on your behalf. Through these interviews, we work to align your company with applicable laws and create an inventory of personal data in accordance with local legislation. If necessary, we also establish a user record with VERBIS and assign a designated contact person to assist with data protection efforts. We aim to support the proper categorization and legal processing of personal data within your organization.

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